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MOU Signing Ceremony with Saito University College

On 30th September 2021, ASIS Malaysia is very proud to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Saito University College. To date, this MOU is the first of its kind between a professional security association and an education provider well known for developing graduates in the security industry in Malaysia.

In a simple virtual ceremony, we had Dr. EL Ching and Siti Subaidah representing ASIS Malaysia as well as Prof. Dr. Vinitha Guptan and Assoc. Prof. Dato' Dr. Yew from Saito University College officiating the MOU between both parties. We were honored to also have Danny Chan as well as Peter Tan from ASIS International to join us in the ceremony.

With this MOU, we hope to encourage and promote voluntary interchange among members of the society and university on information, experiences and knowledge relating to the professionalism of industrial security in Malaysia among many other initiatives. ASIS Malaysia will collaborate closely with Saito University College in the development of young security professionals for the nation and we believe that this partnership will benefit both parties as well as the the security industry as a whole.

About ASIS Malaysia

Founded in 1955, ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets - people, property, and/or information. In 2009, ASIS International have approved the setup of a chapter in Malaysia to allow security professionals in Malaysia to be connected to the larger group of security professionals worldwide. read more

About Saito University College

Mr. Tetsuo Saito, the founder of Saito College, established the college in 1988. Saito College was the 1st institution in Malaysia to offer the Diploma in Graphic Design. Saito College have grown strength to strength since its inception and currently offers a wide range of courses in design, business and security management. In 2017, Saito College was awarded University College status by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and now offer degree courses in various disciplines. read more

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