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Exploring the Exciting World of Corporate Security: Highlights from the Saito UC Career Talk

On the 15th of July 2023, a captivating career talk took place at Saito University College's Cheras campus. Organized by the ASIS International Malaysia Chapter in collaboration with the college as part of the ongoing MOU between the two parties, this event aimed to shed light on the profession of corporate security for undergraduate students. The talk featured two distinguished speakers: Muhd Hafizuddin Hamzah, CPP, Vice Chairman and Panniruky Perumal, Next Gen Chair of ASIS Malaysia chapter. With their combined experiences and expertise, they passionately shared insights about their career paths and the rewarding nature of the security industry.

Inspiration and Career Paths:

Both Hafiz and Perumal spoke from the heart as they recounted what inspired them to pursue careers in the security industry. Hafiz, a former Army Lieutenant, shared his journey from military service to becoming a Regional Manager in the private sector. Perumal, a former police officer, explained his transition to his current position as SEA Area Security Manager. Their stories resonated with the 31 undergraduate students in attendance, showcasing the diverse paths one can take in the security field.

Relevance of Studies and Skills:

During the talk, the speakers emphasized the relevance of the subjects they had studied and how these courses benefited their current roles. The knowledge acquired through their education played a crucial role in shaping their understanding of security concepts and practices. Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication, which are highly valued in the security profession.

Failures, Successes, and Enjoyment:

Hafiz and Perumal openly shared their failures and successes, allowing the students to grasp the reality of a security career. Their candidness showcased the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned along the way. Despite the hurdles, both speakers expressed genuine enjoyment in their chosen profession, emphasizing the fulfillment that comes from protecting people, assets, and organizations.

ASIS International Membership and Certification:

The speakers emphasized the significance of ASIS International membership and certification for career progression in the security industry. They highlighted how obtaining ASIS certifications demonstrates professionalism and enhances credibility within the field. By joining ASIS and pursuing certification, students can position themselves as true professionals, gaining access to a network of industry experts and resources for continual growth.

Enthusiastic Student Engagement:

The students' enthusiasm was evident through the thought-provoking questions they posed during the career talk. Their genuine interest in pursuing a career in the security industry showcased the impact of the event. The speakers' insights not only answered their queries but also inspired them to consider security as a viable and rewarding career path.

Bringing Curriculum to Life:

The collaboration between ASIS Malaysia chapter and Saito University College allowed students to witness the real-life application of their academic curriculum. The career talk bridged the gap between theory and practice, enabling students to grasp the practicality and relevance of their studies within the security industry.

Empowering Students' Career Decisions:

The ASIS Malaysia chapter's goal of organizing career talks is to empower students with the inspiration and information necessary to make well-informed decisions about their future careers in the security industry. Through these events, students gain valuable insights from role models, learn about the importance of self-development and professional networking, and understand the opportunities and benefits of ASIS International certification.

The recent career talk on corporate security at Saito University College provided undergraduate students with invaluable insights into the security industry. The presentations by Hafiz and Perumal showcased the passion, relevance, and rewards of pursuing a career in this field. By sharing their experiences, the speakers not only inspired the students but also highlighted the importance of continuous learning, professional networking, and ASIS International certification. Through such initiatives, ASIS Malaysia chapter and Saito University College hope to equip students to embark on successful careers in the dynamic world of corporate security.

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