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Exploring Iskandar Malaysia Studios: A Fascinating Visit to a Premier Entertainment Production Hub

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

ASIS International Malaysia Chapter, in collaboration with Iskandar Malaysia Studios, organized an enthralling and informative field visit in Johor on the 25th of July 2023. This event brought together security professionals from diverse industries, especially those based in Johor, to witness firsthand the inner workings of Iskandar Malaysia Studios, a leading destination for filmed entertainment production in Southeast Asia. The studio boasts cutting-edge film stages, TV studios, water filming tanks, and extensive production support facilities.

Guided by the chapter's chairman, Victor Lim, and Next Gen Chair, P. Perumal, the group of security professionals received exclusive insights into the studio's facilities, including film stages, TV production, and dubbing studios. From the grandeur of film set constructions to the intricacies of TV production safety and security measures, the participants were left in awe by the multifaceted operations of the studio.

Leading the briefing and site tour were Catherine Lee, Head of Business Development, and Bhaskar Balakrishnan, Head of Finance and Operation at Iskandar Malaysia Studios. Their expertise and passion for the entertainment industry shone through as they provided valuable information about the studio's day-to-day operations and the challenges faced in ensuring a smooth production process.

The security professionals expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the Senior Management of Iskandar Malaysia Studios for granting them this exceptional opportunity to delve into the world of entertainment production. This eye-opening experience not only enhanced their understanding of the studio's operations but also deepened their respect for the tremendous hard work and dedication that goes into every production.

The visit served as a reminder that the entertainment industry is not just about glitz and glamour seen on the silver screen. It is a complex collaboration of talented individuals and cutting-edge facilities, supported by stringent security measures, ensuring that each production unfolds seamlessly and safely.

This extraordinary field visit organized by ASIS International Malaysia Chapter left an indelible impression on all the participants. It not only showcased the prowess of Iskandar Malaysia Studios as a regional leader in entertainment production but also provided the security professionals with invaluable knowledge and inspiration to bolster their own industry practices. As they return to their respective roles, they carry with them a newfound appreciation for the complexities and intricacies of the entertainment world, all thanks to this remarkable journey into the heart of Iskandar Malaysia Studios.

For those intrigued to learn more about Iskandar Malaysia Studios, please visit the studio's website at

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