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ASIS Malaysia Bi-Monthly Networking Session

Due to restrictions from the on-going pandemic, the ASIS Malaysia committee has been unable to host in-person events for over a year. As an effort to maintain and build our members' relationship, the committee has initiated a bi-monthly Zoom session for all our members. These sessions are held on the first Thursday of the month, from 8pm to 9pm via Zoom.

As of today, two sessions have been organized and the response was very encouraging. During the first networking session on 1st April, we were honored to have our Senior Regional Vice President (SRVP), Danny as well as our Assistant Regional Vice President (ARVP), CK to join us and share with us about their journey in ASIS and how ASIS has helped them grow in their career as a security professional. We were also fortunate enough to have some of our own members who shared with us their own story in the security industry, and how ASIS contributed to their learnings.

On the second networking session which was held recently on 3rd June, our very own member Michael from Axis Communications did an interesting presentation titled "Intelligent Security Solutions". His sharing on the latest security technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity was really enlightening and beneficial to all our members. To know more about Axis Communications, do visit them at

Thanks to everyone who joined our sessions!

Our next session is scheduled to be on 5th August, and we hope to be able to invite more speakers and host other interesting topics. If you would like do a sharing during one of the sessions, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us page. As a heads up, the dates for the upcoming sessions would be:

  1. 5th August 2021

  2. 7th October 2021

  3. 2nd December 2021

Do block your dates and look out for the invitation!

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