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ASIS Connects 2022 - Women in Security: Challenges & Opportunities

Following the last ASIS Connects session held in April, this time around we were honored to invite two "superwomen" of the security industry in Malaysia to share their thoughts on a very important topic. Truth be told, women in security is a rare breed especially in Malaysia, but Joey and Valerie are both very accomplished individuals and we were very lucky to have them with us to share how did they navigate through the opportunities and challenges that they faced in their career.

Organized by ASIS Malaysia chapter, the sharing session that was held on 3rd August 2022 attracted a total of 40 participants from both public and private sectors. The session was moderated by Taqiuddin, who did a great job interviewing both ladies. It was very inspiring to hear the sharing from both ladies who started from humble beginnings and eventually managed to reach where they are today.

For ASIS Malaysia chapter members, do check out a recording of the session in our library section!

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