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2023 BICSI SEA Conference & Exhibition

ASIS International Malaysia Chapter recently participated as a knowledge partner at the 2023 BICSI Southeast Asia Conference & Exhibition held at Le Meridien Putrajaya from 15th to 17th March. The conference theme, "Smart ICT: Innovation & Sustainability," focused on exploring the latest advancements in information and communication technology and its impact on innovation and sustainability.

ASIS Malaysia's participation in the conference aimed to share our expertise in security management and education through certifications and training programs. The chapter was represented by Victor, Chris, and Taqiuddin, who attended various sessions and workshops conducted by industry experts and thought leaders. We were given an opportunity to set up a booth which attracted multiple visitors to understand more about ASIS and the certifications we provide. During the networking sessions, we were able to connect and exchange contacts with participants across the globe and discuss collaboration opportunities.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation given by Victor, the Chairman of ASIS Malaysia chapter. His presentation, titled "Principles of Physical Security: Keeping Your People and Assets Secure," delved into the principles of physical security and highlighted the importance of securing people and assets in today's fast-changing and complex security landscape. Victor's presentation was well-received by the attendees, and it generated a lot of interest among the participants.

Victor's presentation included real-life case studies of previous security incidents and highlighted the importance of adopting a proactive approach to security management. He stressed the need for security professionals to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends in the industry to ensure that they are always one step ahead of potential security threats.

ASIS Malaysia chapter would like to extend our gratitude to Joey, for inviting us to participate as a knowledge partner. Our participation in the conference was an excellent opportunity to showcase our expertise and engage with other industry professionals. ASIS Malaysia Chapter's participation in the BICSI Southeast Asia Conference was a resounding success. As a knowledge partner, we hope to have helped to raise awareness about the importance of security management and education in today's fast-changing and complex security landscape and we look forward to participating in future events to continue sharing our knowledge and expertise in the industry.

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