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ASIS CPP Virtual Study Review 2022

We are excited to share that the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Virtual Study Review program is back! This year, it will be facilitated by 2 facilitators, none other than Muhd Hafizuddin Hamzah and Victor Lim Kok Hooi, both certified CPPs themselves.

Designed for any aspiring CPP candidate seeking to be certified, this program may also benefit executives who have assumed security management responsibilities, or individuals who wish to gain security management knowledge.

The CPP Virtual Study Review program will be conducted virtually every Saturday, 10am-12pm over a course of 8 weeks beginning from 18th June to 6th August 2022. The modules covered in the program include:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to CPP Virtual Study Review

    1. A general overview of the program structure and certification requirements.

    2. An overview of the examination process and important information.

  • Module 2 – Domain 1: Security Principles and Practices

    1. Plan, develop, implement, and manage the organization’s security program to protect the organization’s assets.

    2. Develop, manage, or conduct the security risk assessment process.

    3. Evaluate methods to improve the security program on a continuous basis through the use of auditing, review, and assessment.

    4. Develop and manage professional relationships with external organizations to achieve security objectives.

    5. Develop, implement, and manage workforce security awareness programs to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Module 3 – Domain 2: Business Principles and Practices

    1. Develop and manage budgets and financial controls to achieve fiscal responsibility.

    2. Develop, implement, and manage policies, procedures, plans, and directives to achieve organizational objectives.

    3. Develop procedures/techniques to measure and improve organizational productivity.

    4. Develop, implement, and manage security staffing processes and personnel development programs in order to achieve organizational objectives.

    5. Monitor and ensure an acceptable ethical climate in accordance with regulatory requirements and organizational culture.

    6. Develop performance requirements and contractual terms for security vendors/suppliers.

  • Module 4 – Domain 3: Investigations

    1. Identify, develop, implement, and manage investigative operations.

    2. Manage or conduct the collection, preservation, and disposition of evidence to support investigative actions.

    3. Manage or conduct surveillance processes.

    4. Manage and conduct investigations requiring specialized tools, techniques, and resources.

    5. Manage or conduct investigative interviews.

    6. Provide support to legal counsel in actual or potential criminal or civil proceedings.

  • Module 5 – Domain 4: Personnel Security

    1. Develop, implement, and manage background investigation processes for hiring, promotion, and retention of individuals.

    2. Develop, implement, manage, and evaluate policies and procedures to protect individuals in the workplace against human threats (e.g., harassment, violence, active assailant).

    3. Develop, implement, and manage executive protection programs.

  • Module 6 – Domain 5: Physical Security

    1. Conduct facility surveys to determine the current status of physical security.

    2. Select, implement, and manage physical security strategies to mitigate security risks.

    3. Assess the effectiveness of physical security measures by testing and monitoring.

  • Module 7 – Domain 6: Information Security

    1. Conduct surveys to evaluate current status of information security programs.

    2. Develop policies and procedures to ensure information is evaluated and protected against vulnerabilities and threats.

    3. Implement and manage an integrated information security program.

  • Module 8 – Domain 7: Crisis Management

    1. Assess and prioritize threats to mitigate potential consequences of incidents.

    2. Prepare and plan how the organization respond to incidents.

    3. Respond to and manage an incident.

    4. Manage incident recovery and resumption of operations.

Registration fee is RM 2,600 which includes a participant workbook to be used during the course of the program. ASIS Malaysia chapter members enjoy a special discounted fee of RM 2,000 whereas the fee for ASIS International members in Malaysia is RM 2,300.

Prerequisite: Participants must have the ASIS Certified Protection Professional Study Manual to participate in the program. Upon registration confirmation, the Study Manual must be purchased from the ASIS store at USD 199 each (not included in the program fee)

Please contact us at or reach out to any committee members for any questions regarding the CPP Virtual Study Review program or the CPP certification.

Do hurry, as registration ends on 3rd June 2022, and space is limited!


Why Apply for the CPP?

The Certified Protection Professional (CPP®) is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals and demonstrates your knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security. Globally recognized as the standard of excellence for security management professionals.

Eligibility to be Certified

Seven (7) years of security experience*, at least three (3) years of which shall have been in responsible charge* of a security function, OR

Five (5) to six (6) years of security management experience depending on education level achieved and three (3) years of responsible charge of a security function.

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