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Celebrating Success: Highlights from the Technology Security Exchange Conference 2023

In a world where technology evolves at an astonishing pace, the importance of robust security measures cannot be overstated. Safeguarding assets, sensitive information, and critical systems has become a top priority for organizations across the globe. Enter the Technology Security Exchange (TSX) Conference 2023, a groundbreaking event that united visionaries, experts, and professionals from the realms of physical and cyber security, IT, and business leadership.

Jointly organized with the ASIS International Singapore Chapter, the Electronics Security Community (ESC) Singapore the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) Malaysia Chapter and Conference & Exhibition Management Services (CEMS), the TSX Conference 2023 was nothing short of a resounding success.

With the theme “Future Strategies & Technologies for Sustainable Security”, the primary objective of the TSX Conference 2023 was to create an inclusive platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and strategies in the domain of technology security. This event was a confluence of brilliance, where experts and thought leaders convened to explore the latest trends, share insights, and foster innovation in the face of ever-evolving security challenges.

Held on 17th August 2023 in The Wembley – A St Giles Hotel, Penang, a total of 75 attendees joined us hailing from various parts of the region. Exciting topics, and great sharing from our esteemed speakers resulted in great discussions on the future of corporate security and the industry as a whole. A common theme emerged during the conference on the role of the future security practitioner, with the developments in technology and possible convergence between physical and cyber security.

A Glimpse into the Agenda

The conference commenced with the welcoming remarks from Anthony Lee, Chairman of Governance and Conference Committees, ASIS International Singapore Chapter and co-chair of the TSX Conference 2023 who gave a sweet and warm welcome to delegates who took time of their schedule to join the conference. He then introduced Chris Chan, ASIS International Malaysia Chapter Secretary who would be the emcee of the day to lead us through the day’s program.

After the opening address by Danny Chan, ASIS International Global Board of Directors who spoke about the importance and value of events such as this conference and the ASIS certifications, we kicked off with conference program which include an excellent lineup of interesting and experienced speakers, including Craig Foster, Dr. Graham Ong-Webb, Anthony Lee, Effie Chen, and Jason Teo. The talks were delivered by prominent figures in the fields of security and technology, offering valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape and innovative strategies to counter them.

In between the sessions, multiple tea breaks and a sumptuous lunch break provided attendees with the chance to network, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections with peers, potential collaborators, and solution providers. The power of networking in driving innovation and collaboration was evident as participants engaged in meaningful conversations.

To wrap up the conference, we invited all the speakers back to the stage to engage in a panel discussion, discussing future strategies & technologies for sustainable security, which is the theme of the conference. Moderated by Piers Dixon, Chairman of Institute of Strategic Risk Management Malaysia Chapter, the session delved into a range of topics, from cyber and physical security convergence and emerging technologies to regulatory compliance and crisis management. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in interactive discussions and gain multifaceted perspectives on pressing security issues.

After the agenda of the day has been completed, delegates were welcomed to a networking cocktail session sponsored by BluOcean Security. Conference delegates were given the opportunity to let their hair down and connect with other delegates and speakers over drinks and canapés over the beautiful sunset view of Georgetown, Penang. Excellent discussions continued throughout the night, old friends reunited and new friendships were formed.

A Triumph of Collaboration and Knowledge

The TSX Conference 2023 succeeded in more ways than one. It united professionals, thought leaders, and experts under one roof, fostering a spirit of collaboration that is essential in tackling the ever-evolving landscape of security. It was exceptionally good to reconnect with our chapter members that supported us in this event to discuss various topics and learn from each other, and not forgetting building relationships with members from the other organizations such as ASIS Singapore Chapter for future collaborations.

As we reflect on the insights shared, the connections forged, and the knowledge gained, we anticipate the ripple effect that the TSX Conference 2023 will have on the realms of physical and cybersecurity, risk management, and beyond. Let's carry the torch of knowledge forward and continue to fortify our physical and digital environments against the challenges that lie ahead.

Finally, the organizing committee is extremely grateful to our generous sponsors, BluOcean Security and Freightwatch G Patomotoh Security Services. The event would not have been possible without their support and contribution. To know more about BluOcean Security and Freightwatch G Patomotoh Security Services, please visit the links below.

Freightwatch G Patomotoh Security Services:

Enjoy some photos of TSX Conference 2023 below!

ASIS International Malaysia Chapter members, you may access the conference slides at the member’s section of our website.

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